Gabbard on the Eve of Election


The day before election I was able to catch up with Tulsi and ask her about the difficulties of her campaign, her experience with Marie Claire and why it’s important to vote.


Gabbard wins US House seat

Gabbard wins US House seat

Photo Credit: Hawaii News Now

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard has won the race for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional court with a landslide victory over Republican Candidate, Kawika Crowley.

The final votes show that Gabbard had 168,466 votes while Crowley had 40,697 votes.Gabbards facebook page on November 11 stated, “I want to thank all of my supporters for your support through this campaign.” – Tulsi

The day before election: Interview with Gabbard

11.5.12 Gabbard and Supporters the day before election

Gabbard on the Homeless issue in Hawaii


Photo Credit: Honolulu Star Advertiser

From Gabbard’s website, she states her stance on the homeless issue in Hawaii and what she plans to do about it.

“The homeless issue is prevalent within urban Honolulu, and the city and state need to work together and implement long-term solutions, create more affordable housing, and a place where those who are chronically homeless can go for shelter and treatment. There must be a multi-faceted approach with involvement and collaboration at all levels of government, to include the community. We need to stop pointing fingers, and work together to implement solutions that work. I have concerns about the River Street Residence project, such as its proposed location, security issues, and its vicinity to neighborhood schools.”

Marie Claire: Running in Heels


Photo Credit: Marie Claire Magazine

For the upcoming elections, women’s magazine Marie Claire did a “Running in Heels” feature issue on prominent female candidates. Tulsi Gabbard was one of the women selected. The magazine opened its feature issue with a shocking statistic. ” Women make up 16.8 percent of U.S. Congress. Sudan and Afghanistan have more female representation. But this year, a historic number of women want to change that. A record 298 filled to run for the House and 36 for the Seante.”

Here is the piece on Tulsi Gabbard:
PERSONAL STORY: At 21, youngest person ever to win a seat in the Hawaii Legislature. Served two tours in the Middle East with Hawaii National Guard. Elected to Honolulu City Council. Single, no kids.
HISTORY WATCH: If she wins, would be first Hindu member of Congress.
TOP ISSUES: Wall Street reform, reducing the tax burden on small businesses, ending war in Afghanistan, equal pay for women.
IN HER BAG: Ipad, meditation beads, hair brush, campaign brochures.

Tulsi Gabbard on the Rail Project


Photo Credit: Honolulu Rail Project Website

The Rail project is the most controversial project in Hawai’i. Gabbard is for the Rail project and believes it will help Oahu’s economy. Below is a quote from her website.

“Through the ballot box, the people have spoken in support of the rail, and it’s important for elected officials to listen and execute this initiative in the smartest, most cost-efficient way possible. Mass transit has been debated and talked about for decades. Now is the time to move forward. It will create jobs, stimulate the economy, and reduce traffic congestion. Transit oriented development will also help create more walkable communities, affordable housing, and improve our overall quality of life.”


Tulsi Gabbard’s political rewiring


Photo Credit: Civil Beat

Gabbard has discussed in many interviews about her drastic change in social issues from a conservative to a democrat. She has described this change as a “gradual metamorphosis”.

She credits her change in social issues from her time spent in countries governed by oppressive regimes during deployments to the Middle East as a member of the Hawaii Army National Guard.

Gabbard was once against same sex marriage. ( She was the leader of the movement to end same-sex marriage in Hawaii.)  Now she states she is pro-choice and would fight to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

“Some of these experiences living and working in oppressive countries, not only witnessing firsthand but actually experiencing myself what happens when a government basically attempts to act as a moral arbiter,” Gabbard said. “It really caused me to take a look at myself and the way we’re doing things here at home, locally, and nationally,” stated Gabbard to KITV.

With this change in political issues, some are wondering if this is a real change or a tactic she is using to win a spot in office.

Facebook user, Holy Huber states, “This change in Tulsi Gabbard’s position on social issues is not prominent on her website or facebook pages. The essays that Civil Beat mentions are hidden pages on Gabbard’s website. Any potential voter going to the site would not see this information. If Gabbard is so proud of her evolution on this issues, why is she keeping it secret? Until this information is made available to the public, Gabbard’s sincerity on these issues must be questioned.”

Another facebook user on this issue, Bart Dame, states, ” If Tulsi has sincerely changed her views, that’s great. She claims her experience in Kuwait led her to re-evaluate her views. But what actions did she take to help undo the damage she had done from years of speaking out–often heatedly, against gay and lesbian equality after her views allegedly changed? She could have come out publicly and explained the evolution of her thinking at a time when it might have helped win civil unions, instead of remaining silent. It is awfully convenient for her current ambitions to adjust her views in order to help win a primary against Mufi. Our options are few in this race. But I remain very skeptical.”

Facebook user Steven Leong states, “As a Gay Hawaiian citizen, I have been keeping up with this campaign very carefully. Ms Gabbard is NOT her father. She seems like a hard worker, and also would support repealing DOMA. Most importantly, she is a woman of her word, and follows through with what she says. This article states that while Ms Gabbard served in Middle East, she saw first hand, religious extremest getting their foothold in government, and how she would strive against this here. Hannemann came down to the Mormon rally to show his support AGAINST Civil Unions here … Ms Gabbard’s got my vote, AND support!”

President Obama endorses Tulsi’s campaign


From Tulsi Gabbard’s facebook post 11.04.1012:

President Obama took time out of his busy schedule today to endorse Tulsi’s campaign for Congress!

“America’s middle class needs Tulsi Gabbard in Congress to stand up and fight for them. Tulsi will create jobs here at home by building from the middle out, not the top down. She will protect Medicare for our seniors and education for our next generation. Middle class families can count on Tulsi Gabbard and she needs their support on Election Day.” – President Barack Obama.

Gabbard’s lesser-known Republican opponent


Photo Credit: Civil Beat

By now, almost everyone on Hawaii recognizes Tulsi Gabbard’s name. What about her opponent, Kawika Crowley?

Many know him as the “Smoking Guy,” or the “9/11 sign waving” guy. Oh yeah, did I mention he is homeless?

Yes, Gabbards lesser known Republican opponent is the first homeless man to run for Congress. He is also, on a side note, never seen without a cigar in his mouth.

So how do Gabbard and Crowley differ on Issues? Below is a side-by-side comparison of the two main issues in which the two differ.

On same sex marriage:

Gabbard: Although Gabbard once was against same sex marriage, she credits her change in social issues to her time over seas in the military. As of now, Gabbard is for same sex marriage.

Crowley: Against same sex marriage. “I am a firm, adamant believer in the sanctity of marriage. To be defined between a man and a woman. Now, I don’t care if you’re in love with a frog and you want to do whatever you want with her, that doesn’t bother me. A man and a man, you guys want to French kiss? Fine. I don’t give a shit,” he stated in the Civil Beat interview.

The Rail Project:

Gabbard: She is not for the rail project as it currently stands with its issues on financing. However, Gabbard will work to move the rail project forward.

Crowley: Is anti-rail, big time. He wants to stop the rail from moving forward.

Gabbard on GMO

Gabbard on GMO

Photo Credit: From Tulsi Gabbard’s Facebook page

Genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Currently, more than 50 countries including Japan, China, Australia, Israel and all countries of the European Union already require labeling of genetically engineered food.
However, the United States Food and the Drug Administration (FDA) do not require labeling of GMO.
Gabbard states, “This resolution is really about freedom and the consumer’s right to make informed choices. The FDA needs to uphold its responsibilities and make labeling a requirement for all genetically engineered foods.”